The CETRAT offers a permanent exhibition called “Extinct world of handicraft“ to its visitors. This exhibition is dedicated to traditional technologies of natural materials processing. A number of original techniques which were used in traditional folk environment can be seen in four halls. The first hall features Příbor's slippers made by an anciet weaving technique using a special slipper mold.

An interactive experimentarium is situated at the end of the exhibition where visitors can try out various handicraft techniques under the supervision of an experienced lecturer.

“Extinct world of handicraft“ exhibition is about the relationship of man to natural raw materials, about the desire to transform things for their needs, as well as provides a reflection on exhaustibility and sustainability of natural resources. And thus the CETRAT is an ideal place where to take a break from modern technologies and also creates space for enlightenment and an inspiration in experiences of our ancestors.

Program: 1,5 h


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